Gaim Perl Plugins

A series of Perl plugins I wrote for the instant messaging client gaim, which has sinceĀ been renamed “Pidgin.”

Filename/Link Description Interfaced the linux program “fortune,” which generates fortune cookie style quotes to an account profile. I used it to automatically update my profile every 600 seconds with a new quote. This used the linux program “xsetleds” to flash the keyboard LEDs every time a message was received. This plugin generated new away messages every time another person messaged me. The messages were generated using the linux program “fortune.” This was my largest, most complicated gaim plugin. My AIM profile was set to a hangman style game. Every hour, one more letter was filled in automatically. Users could message me at any time to guess the word. Once somebody guessed the word, they would increase their score count by 1. Everybody’s score was available on my web page. Allowed for more complicated random away messages. For example, if a user messaged me and I was away, it was possible to look up their real name from their username based on a database I kept. Thus instead of the typical %n, their real name could be used in the away message. A stupid plugin I used to generate profiles that amounted to essentially gibberish. A plugin that set my profile to something fromĀ This plugin used the linux program “festival,” which does voice synthesis from text, to make your computer “speak” when certain users did certain actions (messaged you, went away, etc).

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