Small Perl Programs

A bunch of (mostly) small Perl programs I wrote in highschool.


Filename/Link Perl ModuleRequirements Description MP3::Info Sometimes, when a user rips an MP3, they use the ID3v2 “APIC” data. This is just a standard JPEG stored inside the MP3 (usually used for cd covers) This script extracts that image and saves it under “artistname – cd name.jpg” MP3::Info A follow up to This program uses a local JPEG and injects it into the ID3v2 APIC. LWP::UserAgent, HTTP::Cookies Goes through the popularHotOrNot MeetMe section and clicks “yes” to all users in a definable category WWW::Search::Google, LWP::UserAgent, Time::Piece An attempt to create an mp3 indexer via Google. Doesn’t work as well as most p2p networks, but when you get a hit, downloads tend to be fast
school.cgi LWP::UserAgent Simple implementation to read school closings from a website and parse them in a more readable format. Intended as a CGI script
randmp3.cgi MP3::Info MP3 “server” more or less. You just define the playlist containing locations of mp3s, load the CGI script onto your playlist and have at it.
mp3.cgi MP3::Info EXTREMELY simple script that just shows the common tags for a given MP3
env.cgi (none) Finds all the currently used environmental variables and prints their names and corresponding values
matrices.cgi (none) Shows how perl can help you multiply two matrices
searchmp3s.cgi CGI Searches a flat file database (I used it along with for a specific string. Outputs up to 20 results
recursive.cgi (none) Another EXTREMELY simple simple script, that likewise, shows EXTREMELY simple recursion
flashcards.cgi CGI Uses a flat file database of words/definitions (stored in “word|definition” format). I used this for a while to help me study for stuff before I got senioritis and stopped caring

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