About Me

Hello there!

Thanks for browsing around my little place on the web!  As a bit about me:

I currently work as a manager of a team of product managers at Kong, where I work on our API gateway strategy.  Prior to Kong, I led the Elasticsearch product management team at Elastic.

My path into product management has been a bit roundabout.  I hold a degree in electrical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology where I focused a lot of my courses on electromagnetics and antenna design as well as discrete mathematics.  I started getting into computational modeling of antennas through NEC and became interested in thinking through how I could use a combination of distributed computing and genetic algorithms to optimize antenna parameters for unsolved antenna designs.  I ported over some of the (now very old) code for that to this blog if you’re interested in learning more about the problem.  But in doing so, I started to realize the power of building and using software to help engineers solve problems.

After graduating, I moved to San Francisco to work for a search company (called Autonomy): an API-first (RESTful) search engine built on top of Bayesian principals and Shannon’s information theory.  It was really quite state of the art at the time, where most search engines were focusing on TF/IDF which is susceptible to a variety of problems (particularly those relating to term saturation).  I’ve since written several blogs on Okapi BM25, the now normal information-theory based approach for search.

I held several roles at Autonomy: presales engineer, developer, architect in professional services, and professional services management.  I led the backend team and acted as technical product manager for Aurasma, the visual recognition and augmented reality platform.  After HP’s acquisition of Autonomy, I ultimately moved into product management.  I became a certified Pragmatic Marketing Product Manager and then led the product management of the IDOL portfolio, including the enterprise search connectors, the flagship search engine, the speech-to-text and audio recognition engine, and the image recognition engine.

I left HP to create the (now defunct) JSparks which was a project to help children learn to program.  It did this by combining a visual programming interface to submit instructions over a phone/tablet’s bluetooth connection to a wireless robot so they could watch their programs physically interact with the real world.  Eventually, I moved on to join Elastic to work in product management for their flagship Elasticsearch product.  I continued there for 5 years, growing and leading the Elasticsearch product management team to a team of globally-distributed product managers.

I left Elastic in 2020 to work for Kong.


For those that are interested in such things, below is my resume.



I live just north of San Francisco now in San Rafael with my wife and our son.  I have a pretty wide variety of hobbies… First and foremost, I enjoy designing and building things, which probably had a significant part to do with my education as well as the projects you see on this website.  My projects tend to revolve around math, science, software, books, data analysis, economics, and electrical engineering and I am especially keen on projects that involve more than one of those.  A few other of my hobbies and interests include soccer, tennis, music, travel, foosball, and beer (I stand by beer being a legit hobby when you brew your own).