About Me

Location, Location, Location

My name is Shane Connelly and I am now a San Francisco, CA resident and software/hardware professional.

Before SF, I lived in Atlanta, GA and before Atlanta was Canton, OH.  I am a Buckeyes fan and a Yellow Jackets fan, a Cavs fan, an Indians fan, and a Browns fan (one day, Cleveland will do something amazing).

Education and Work

I graduated magna cum laude in December 2007 from Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in electrical engineering.  I am a certified Pragmatic Marketing Product Manager.  I’m currently working at elastic.co where I’m the product manager for the Elasticsearch product. I’m the creator of JSparks and a few open source projects and was previously the product manager for Autonomy/HP’s flagship search product/platform: IDOL.  You can find more source code on this site.


For those that are interested in such things, below is my resume.


Interests, Hobbies, and the Like

I have a pretty wide variety of hobbies… First and foremost, I enjoy designing and building things, which probably had a significant part to do with my education as well as the projects you see on this website.  My projects tend to revolve around math, science, software, books, data analysis, markets, and electrical/computer engineering and I am especially keen on projects that involve a variety of those.  A few other of my hobbies and interests include soccer, tennis, music, travel, foosball, and beer (I stand by beer being a legit hobby when you brew your own).